The Mystical Numbers

(completed art cycle)

The cycle of 18 paintings “The Mystical Numbers”, painted in 2011 by Boris Pecigoš, was created by connecting with the meaning of the numbers according to numerological interpretations of number symbolism in various mythologies, religions and mystery schools.

Medium is acrylic on paper, and dimensions of the paintings are 50 x 70 cm.

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Listed are shortened meanings of the prime numbers 1-9 and zero. Other numbers are reduced to the prime numbers by summation of their digits, so they carry the meaning of the prime number and combination of the meanings of individual digits. For example, number 21 carries a joint meaning of the numbers 2 and 1, and the number 3, because 2 + 1 = 3.


Potential, possibility, seed, womb, egg, emptiness, nothingness, mystery, eternity, infinity, unlimitedness, cyclicity, cycle, evolution, Ouroboros, everything and nothing at the same time (Zen).

The beginning, the initial point, the original impulse of Being, discovering previously unmanifested, the point of entry, clarity, focus, concentration, unity, and also the completion (alpha and omega), the symbol of Man and the Father, energy of leader, individuality, independence, courage, willpower, inventiveness, visionary, ambition, pride, ego (which serves a higher purpose).

Duality, polarity, balance, harmony, the opposites in harmony or in split, contrast, contradictions (and their union), the choices, dilemmas, reunification with similar, relationships, couples, attraction of the opposites, sharing, communication, symbol of the Mother and symbol of the Tao (Yin and Yang).

Creativity, expression, creativity and expressing of oneself and one’s talents, wisdom, a symbol of rewards and success in the enterprise, fortune, being in the right place at the right time, stability, order, structure (triangle), chronology, an identifier of time (past, present, future ), uniting the two parts thus they become Whole, reproduction, procreation, the symbol of the Child, 1 + 2 = 3.

Stability (square, pyramid), being anchored, foundations, groundedness, one’s own roots, stability, stabilizing energy, energy of home, symbol of the Earth, the intersections (crossroads), order, systematicity, methodicity, patience, practicality, analyticity, logic, maturity, reliability, loyalty.

Change, movement (physical, but also in spirit or mind), travel, adventure, unpredictability, instability, wild and chaotic vibrations (and the art of enjoying them), health and contact with the physical (the five senses, five fingers, five elements, the pentagram, Vitruvian man, etc.), connecting and unifying element, a symbol of happiness for Chinese people, an active role in society, liberalism, free spirit, passion, being unconstrained, detachment.

Honesty, truth, love, forgiveness, tactfulness, finding a peaceful solution, harmony, balance, communion, unity, equality, association, the opposites merging into a very powerful entity, two sets of creativity form six (3 + 3 = 6), perfection, pacifists, helpers, aid workers, creative people, a symbol of the spiral, hexagram, and cube.

The intellect, analytical mind, the wisdom, law, order, structure, governance, revelation, progress, evolution, achievements, perfection, completed cycle (seven days, seven colors, seven tones, etc.), esoteric, mysteries, magic, awareness, activation of imagination and manifesting the results in life through the use of conscious thoughts, scholars, poets.

Abundance, wealth, prosperity, success, business, courage, fortitude, justice, intentions, capabilities, expansion, expression, fluidity, continuity, cycles that are repeated, growth with each new cycle, recycling flow of energy, the cosmic balance, time, infinity sign.

Completion, the end of the cycle, the culmination, achievement, fulfillment, satisfaction, integration, integrity, being recognized, influence, connection with oneself, the ability of presenting the internal attributes to outside world with the purpose of positive influence, the art of managing a group of people, changing (every end brings the new), a symbol of the spiral, being a “solo-player.”


It wears a cumulative vibration of the One and Zero, and the vibration of One (sum of digits 1 + 0 = 1). The number 10 bears change, completion of the old and the beginning of a new, it is the number of great power and energy to achieve the goals, the number of wholeness and completeness.

Twice as strong vibrational frequency as of One, as well as vibration of Two (1 + 1 = 2). The number equilibrium (1 and 1 next to each other, and Two in the sum), balance of emotions and thoughts, male and female aspects, work and play, etc., higher ideals, invention, refinement, matching, visionary, psychic abilities, channeling, being medium, the door between worlds, the enlightenment, the social life.

Number which carries the meaning of the first three prime numbers which form a complete sequence, the number of powerful spiritual significance in many religions, which indicates the integrity, the whole, “package” that is complete (12 months, 12 apostles, a dozen, etc.).

The number of enlightenment, resurrection and ascension, the number of change of the state of consciousness and achieving spiritual completeness, the number that combines the meanings of the prime numbers 1, 3 and 4.

The symbol of success and prosperity, good reputation and material wealth, the number that in a row contains the meaning of the numbers 2, 1 and 3.

The symbolism of the number 100 is that it is a fraction of fraction, integral part of a larger whole, which in turn is part of even larger whole, etc., it is a microcosm of the macrocosm and represents individuality of the microcosm.

Doors of the Universe. A number that is a combination of number 11 (= gate) and 0 (=cosmos, womb, cycle), behind the door there is a connection with the Creator through the ether, wisdom, love and cosmic cycles. Doors are open!

Sacred number that indicates the integrity and unity of existence. It reduces itself to the number 9, the number of totality (1 + 0 + 8 = 9), and in addition 108 = 9 x 12.


See also the exhibition of these paintings held in the labyrinth:

Boris Pecigoš
[ exhibition / installation / labyrinth : mystical numbers / gate of the universe ]


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